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Opportunities is open to working with some accredited offshore hedge funds. In working with hedge-funds, we will analyze various factors especially on:


Track Record of Investment Managers managing the Fund


The investment products & strategies of the Fund.


The target, period and exit strategy of the Fund.


Risk vs return potential of the fund; generally the higher is the risk, the higher return one can expect.

In a nutshell, will only work with Hedge Funds that have the highest probability to achieve their target. Investing in Hedge Funds must not constitute more than 20% of one’s investment portfolio at any time because this is a risky investment. Many investors have lost money to hedge funds. will educate and teach our members how and when to choose their hedge fund investment and exposure. Our philosophy is that hedge funds help to smooth out volatility, while delivering superior risk-adjusted returns. Investors need to choose the right time and the right hedge fund to invest.

We see Opportunity. We Transform Potential.

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