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Making a Difference

At, we try to make a difference. We are a member-based platform. Founding members and dedicated serving members get appointed into a Committee that will influence the focus and direction of, even though there is a small management team that oversees the smooth operation of this platform on a daily basis.

We emphasize on Financial Education & Knowledge, Smart Investment & Interactions between members and Financial Service Providers (FSPs). is founded on the following philosophies:


Financial Education can be free and cheap. One doesn’t necessary need to pay tens and hundreds of thousands dollars to obtain a master degree or doctorate in economy in order to educate himself/herself.


Financial Education should be a lifetime passion. Due to the fact that market forces, global economy and political dynamics change every day, financial education should be viewed as a daily hobby and a lifetime interest.


Build a Financial Networking circle. “Birds of the same feather flock together”. Members should build their own financial circle, educate and learn from each other as they journey ahead.

4. aims to act as a bridge between Qualified & Educated members@investors and Financial Service Providers (FSPs). On one side of this bridge will be hundreds of thousands to millions of well-educated qualified investors and on the other side will be well-screen, responsible FSPs who can deliver what they promise.

Making Financial Education available to everyone who needs it, is a complicated business. That is why it’s a perfect job for It takes enormous collaboration and an incredible breadth of hard work to turn this incredible idea into motion and results. We want to build based on the above founding philosophies with others who share our common goal, idea, passion and perspective.

Terms and Conditions | Privacy Statement is an educational platform. We DO NOT deal with securities and receive any financial benefits from Financial Products & Service Providers.