Techeetah - Formula E

Formula E

In another effort to globalize the FOIN brand, a new partnership with Techeetah –Formula E Team was formed in April 2018. The new partnership would further strengthen our brand awareness and recognition on the global stage; FOIN will gain greater exposure to hundreds of millions of new younger audiences and fans around the world.

At first glance, it may not seem like there is any connection between financial education and Formula E but in reality, we have a lot in common: both were founded in 2016, both have established global footprints in our own respective field and circuit within a relatively short period of time, both advocate for new technologies, clever innovations and smart solutions to stay at the frontiers of our podiums and platforms.

Formula E speaks to younger audiences that are more environmentally responsible, more open to marketing, more desire for education, more excited by green technologies, new ideas and innovations. provides Ongoing Financial Education, Concepts & Knowledge while FOINS Blockchain System transforms the power of knowledge and learning, by utilizing the power of technology, namely Blockchain Innovation and Blockchain Solutions, to realize long-term financial stability and success. Formula E represents the future of racing; as E stands for electric and electric cars are set to replace gasoline and diesel cars at a much more rapid pace over the next decade, just as FOIN represents the future of financial world that is set to propel our platforms to new highs. Thus, the partnership between FOIN brand and Techeetah is synonymous with Future, Confidence and Greatness.

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